"Colonization" The Album is OUT NOW (February 27, 2015) on iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon, Beats, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, and YouTube.
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Interstellar traveler JLuna comes from planet "Ganymede" where everyone is born with the same appearance underneath their clothes but have a different mask to distinguish themselves. Everyone had an exclusive role to perform in different parts of this planet; one architect, one engineer, one farmer etc.. JLuna had one role which was the musician. He performed his music for his people to alter their minds and relieve his people from the stress of their lives. Everyone also had one letter for their name which extended longer than our own alphabet and a short last name. He is carrying the legacy of his entire planet... Which is lost.

His planet had an emergency evacuation after the news that the planet was heading towards the center of our galaxy which holds a massive black hole. Nobody knows what happens when entering the black hole, this is why some decided to leave in search for another habital planet. While getting close to the black hole, time altered and speed up their time which quickly gave them a glimpse of the future of our galaxy. JLuna has a mission and has found earth to spread his mind altering atmosphere. Earth, a place where the human species are young now has a survivor who is willing to spread the message of his people... We are all one.
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